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    Upload your servers to a modern, scalable cloud, start transitioning your services to smart Cloud Apps and cut your IT operations costs in half with no vendor lock-in.
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Upload an image, start a cloud app or install from a standard iso, you decide.


Run your servers in the Origo Cloud, or buy an Engine and pay the power bill yourself.


Consolidate management with Origo Cloud or geek out with the Engine UI and the API.


Scale IOPS, vCPU's and memory, deploy hundreds of servers in minutes.

Latest News

Student Worker for operations

As a Student Worker for operations with Origo, you will work hands-on with operations, maintenance and monitoring of our critical infrastructure. You will also get the chance to participate in software development and hardware testing related to the next generation of our products.

Account Manager

Do you want to be part of a startup with clear vision and a compelling product? Origo has built a highly scalable cloud computing platform. We are working hard to make cloud computing an integrated part of enterprise IT and operations. As an Origo Account Manager, you know how to craft

Hardware Engineering Intern

As a Hardware Engineering Intern, you will work directly and hands-on on the construction and design of our Compute and Storage Engines. You will also get a chance to participate in the design specifications for the next generation of our hardware.

Origo Compute – IaaS for enterprises

We will soon be launching our new compute service into a market which is dominated by huge players with near infinite ressouces, specifically Amazon and Google. We do however not think their compute products are very well suited for the typical enterprise client.

Getting started with your Engine C1

If you have ordered an Engine C1 or if you are just curious about how it works, read on. This post will try to give a brief overview of how to get an Engine C1 up and running, and how to fire up your first app on your new engine.

Payload delivered

We are beginning to take orders from and delivering Engines to select clients who want to be a part of our journey to build a ready-to-run scalable infrastructure stack. Yesterday we delivered an Engine C1 to the Danish Technical University, more precisely DeIC, which is located on the DTU campus. DeIC delivers